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Why Is My Dryer So Loud?

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The sudden clanking noise coming from your dryer might be startling and then, annoying. If your dryer is making noises that it shouldn’t be, there could be some bigger issues at hand. Just like all machines, dryers need a little maintenance too. We’ll be going over the common reasons as to why your dryer is making those terrible noises: 

Potential Causes 

Drive Belt

Your dryer making loud noises could be due to its drive belt, as it can become worn out over time. This functions as part of the pulley system and is responsible for rotating the dryer drum. If the belt is damaged then the drum can’t turn properly, which can result in thumping noises. 

You can inspect the drive belt by removing the dryer’s front panel. It’s recommended to replace the drive belt if it shows noticeable wear. 

Drum Rollers & Axles 

Worn-out rollers in your dryer can be a factor in producing strange noises. The dryer has axles that the rollers spin on and support the drum as it turns. If damaged, they’ll produce a squeaky or thumping sound. 

Disassembling the dryer should give you access to the drive belt. When removed, turn the drum manually and listen for any noise. You’ll be able to tell if it’s from the rollers or axles. You can also inspect the integrity of the rollers. If you notice any wear or damage, you should replace them.

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley, or dryer pulley, assists the drive belt in operating by keeping tension on the drum belt. It will prevent any slipping when the dryer has a load in it. It can also wear out over time due to the high rotation speeds the dryer can operate at. A flawed pulley can result in loud noises.

To inspect it, the dryer cabinet will need removal. You’ll then have to remove the drive belt off the idler pulley and manually turn the pulley to see if it emits any noise. 

Drum Glides

Your dryer has drum glides that support the front of the drum. Drum glides are often made from plastic, nylon, or Teflon with a felt or cork backing that can deteriorate over time. A scraping sound can come from your dryer if the drum glides are worn-out. 

Depending on the model of your dryer, this can be a difficult fix. You’ll need to remove the dryer cabinet to see the drum glides. Some glides are secured with rivets, which require a drill to remove, whereas others can be unscrewed.

Drum Bearing

Most dryers feature a drum bearing that supports the rear of the drum. Depending on your dryer, the bearing can be either be a ball and socket or a shaft that is attached to a sleeve bushing. If the bearing begins to wear out, the drum can rub against the back of the casing and emit a loud grinding noise. 

If you want to check on the drum bearing, the dryer cabinet will need to be removed and the belt taken off. You’ll know if the bearing needs replacement if you have difficulty turning the dryer.

Drive Motor 

A drive motor turns the dryer drum and blower wheel. Different sounds can come from it if the bearings need replacing, if it has a faulty switch, or if the motor pulley comes loose. 

To examine the motor, you’ll need to remove the cabinet. Turning the motor will let you know if the sound is coming from it. If you’re fixing this yourself, it’s recommended that the drum bearing be replaced if you already need to replace your motor, as it will already be disassembled.


The baffle, or lifter, can be found inside the dryer drum. It keeps clothes from getting stuck to the inside of the drum and assists in tumbling them as they dry. A rattling noise can be caused by small objects getting stuck, which can damage your clothes. Check to see if anything is stuck and creating the noise. 

Blower Wheel

The blower wheel is responsible for circulating air in the dryer drum and removes moisture through the rear exhaust vent. Often, the blower wheel can get loose, unbalanced, or get blocked with lint. A loud rumbling sound can be heard if there are any issues with the wheel. 

The blower wheel can be found on the back or front panel. Turning on the blower manually will indicate if it’s the source of the noise, as it will turn the motor and drum. If there is an issue with the wheel, it should be replaced. You can contact your local appliance repair in Ottawa for any fixes needed.


The number of problems that can result in a noisy dryer is endless. It can be a real headache to deal with on your own, which is why you should contact your dryer repair in Ottawa. This way, you’ll get the best service possible to ensure your dryer is back up and running quickly. Say goodbye to hanging your clothes up to dry.

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