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You’ve filled your home in Ottawa with the latest appliances on the market. From your GE dryer to your fridge, everything is sleek, stainless steel, and extremely efficient; it’s the kind of quality you’ve come to expect from General Electric.

But even the most sophisticated appliances in Ontario experience breakdowns sometimes. After years of usage, wear and tear can cause various problems with your washer, oven, or dishwasher. That’s what our repair technicians are here for. With our GE appliance repair service in ottawa, we offer top-notch customer service and speedy repairs.

Introduction to General Electric Appliances

An investment in a General Electric appliance is more than worth your while. With over 125 years of experience in the home appliance industry, this company consistently delivers innovative solutions for everyday issues. They rise to the challenge of solving problems using sustainable solutions.

GE appliances deliver a level of quality that’s tough to match. Their modern washers, sturdy dishwashers, and spacious fridges are just what your household needs.

General Electric Appliances We Repair

Need a GE appliance repair? Don’t worry; our professional repair technicians have you covered. Our GE appliance repair services are available for the following:


Do you hear a strange noise coming from your fridge? No, it’s probably not a ghost—most likely, you just need a GE appliance repair service.

A broken fridge can lead to hundreds of dollars of wasted food. You spend enough on groceries each week—you don’t want to spend even more to replace spoiled food! Give us a call to book your GE appliance repair.


GE stoves make cooking a breeze; they heat up quickly and maintain consistent heat, allowing you to create the perfect cooking conditions every time. If your stove starts to act sporadically, then you know you need repairs. At Napoleon Appliances, that’s what we’re here for.


Is your oven failing to heat to your set temperature? A shorted oven temperature sensor could be to blame. With our GE oven repair services, we’ll diagnose the issue and identify an efficient solution.


Your GE dishwasher saves you time and energy each day. Instead of washing each dish by hand, you can load them in your dishwasher and move on with your day. But as efficient as GE dishwashers are, their performance can be hindered by wear and tear.

We repair GE appliances with same-day service in Ottawa. When you call us, you can get back to working sooner than later.


GE washers make laundry day easier than ever. With each load of laundry, your fabrics come out smelling fresh and clean. If your washer fails to spin, won’t drain properly, or has trouble washing your clothes, we can help. Schedule GE washer repairs today!


Is there anything better than the feeling of putting on freshly dried socks? They’re warm, soft, and smell like a spring breeze. Dryers save us the time and energy of drying clothes on a line. Keep your dryer in mint condition with our appliance repair services.

Common GE Fault Codes

Here’s a list of the most common error codes with General Electric Appliances:

  • F0- The touchpad is stuck
  • F1- The touchpad is stuck
  • F2- (During BAKE) Oven temperature is above 615-630 F°
  • F5- Relay drive circuit loss
  • F5- Relay drive circuit loss
  • F8- Meat probe short
  • F9- Lock switch
  • FC- Door lock circuit problem
  • FD- Meat probe shorted
  • FF- Door motor safety switch loss
  • FFF- Control error, failed EEPROM

Why Choose Napoleon Appliances?

When you need appliance repair in Ottawa, we’re the ones to call. We arrive prepared to provide repairs on the same day that you call us. Our technicians are available 7 days a week. With same-day service and years of experience, you can’t beat the service offered at Napoleon Appliances.

Call for General Electric Appliance Repair!

No matter what household appliance is causing you trouble, our professional technicians can fix your issue ASAP. For quality repairs that you can count on, choose our Ottawa GE appliance repair services.

When you need GE appliance repairs, our technicians will be there to fix it right away. Contact us today to schedule your Ottawa appliance repair service.
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