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Appliance Repair Kingston

The city of Kingston has a rich history. It’s the resting place of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada. Kingston was the first capital of Canada; today, it’s the oldest city in Ontario.

If your appliances are getting older, they’re more likely to break. Need a appliance repair company with speedy service? With our appliance repair services in Kingston, we’ll get your fridge, stove, or dishwasher back in working order quickly.

You rely on your appliances to complete everyday tasks, from cooking meals to washing clothes. Without them, your chores will start to pile up. Don’t let a broken appliance disrupt your day—call us now for appliance repair in Kingston Ontario!

Why choose Napoleon Appliances?

High-quality appliance repair – guaranteed

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality service at affordable rates. Here’s what sets our appliance repair service apart from our competitors:

Quality Assurance

We offer service for all kinds of appliance brands, including Whirlpool, LG, and KitchenAid. Our professional technicians resolve all kinds of appliance problems, including electrical issues. At Napoleon, we always go the extra mile to deliver quality work and ensure our customers are satisfied.

Same-Day Service

In Kingston Ontario, life moves fast. Speedy service is key when you lead a busy lifestyle. We understand that appliance repair is urgent.

We always strive to deliver the fastest appliance repair possible to our customers. With same-day service, you can have your appliance repaired just hours after it breaks.

appliance repair kingston

Appliance repair professionals

Broken appliances cause problems at your home or business in Kingston Ontario. No matter which appliance is causing you trouble, we’re here to help. We offer repair services for the following appliances:

Stove repair kingston


Imagine your life without a stove. Suddenly, you won’t be able to cook any of your favourite meals, from pasta to stir fry. When you need an appliance repair in Kingston Ontario, we’re here to help.


The worst time for an oven to break is when you’re in the middle of baking. But unfortunately, this happens too often with faulty ovens. With our oven repair appliance service, we’ll fix your oven in Kingston Ontario quickly and at a low cost.

Oven repair kingston
dishwasher repair kingston


We understand that our customers need their dishwashers; otherwise, they’ll end up with a sink of dirty dishes. You don’t have the time to wash dishes by hand—you need an appliance repair today.

If you need dishwasher repair services in Kingston Ontario, contact us now. We know all the easy fixes for common problems.


As far as appliance repairs go, fridges might be one of the most urgent fixes. Without a fridge, you can lose hundreds of dollars in perishable foods. Don’t let your hard-earned money spoil—contact us for repair services in Kingston. From new to used appliances, we repair it all.

Fridge repairs kingston
Dryer repair kingston


When your dryer won’t work, you end up with a load of damp clothes and no way to dry them. That’s where our dryer repair service comes in handy. We’ll fix your dryer in no time and save you a trip to the laundromat.

Washing machines

These appliance issues are a real hassle; without a washing machine, how will you get your laundry done? With our washer repair service, we’ll get your appliances working quickly. We’ve got the right tools and experience to repair your washer in Kingston ASAP.

washer repair in kingston
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