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Why choose Napoleon Appliances in Nepean?

A house in Nepean doesn’t feel like home if none of the appliances work. If your oven, dishwasher, or dryer is broken, then you can’t do the essential tasks every homeowner needs. Within days, you’ll have stacks of dirty dishes and nothing to eat!

If your appliances won’t work, there’s no need to panic. At Napoleon Appliances, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll be there in a flash to fix it!

We know how important your major household appliances are. You rely on them each day to take care of routine chores, like washing dishes and heating food. Without them, these tasks become inconvenient and time-consuming.

At Napoleon Appliance, we’re here to help. Here’s what makes our service different than other appliance repair companies in Nepean:

Customer Satisfaction

High-quality appliance repair – guaranteed

We’re dedicated to providing exceptional appliance repair services to the residents of Nepean. We only use new replacement parts for all of our repairs – that means there’s no wear and tear. And our highly skilled technicians can fix almost any problem; you might find that your appliance is working better than new when we’re done with it!

When you choose Napoleon, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. You can expect an honest quote, with all of the parts and labour accounted for. You can count on expert, customer-oriented care – we’ll fix your appliance, and answer any questions you may have. And you can expect integrity – if we tell you we can fix your appliance, we’ll get the job done right.

That’s why you can trust Napoleon Appliances for all of your appliance repair service needs.

Same-day service

Some things just can’t wait. Whether you’re just sick and tired of hearing the loud thumping noises coming from your washing machine, or your fridge has stopped working and you’re worried about food spoiling, give us a call.

When you need urgent repairs, you need them fast. You can count on Napoleon Appliances for same-day appliance repair in Nepean. Whether it’s an emergency, or your oven isn’t heating and you’d like to enjoy a home-cooked meal tonight, we’re here for you.

Appliance repair professionals

Is your fridge making strange noises? Are you worried about an odd smell coming from your oven?
We know that busy homeowners in Nepean don’t have time to fix their appliances. Instead, leave it to our appliance repair professionals.

When you need an appliance repair service, it interrupts your daily activities. At Napoleon, our technicians repair all types of household appliances.
From dishwashers to dryers, we do it all.

No matter which of your Nepean appliances need to be fixed, you can count on Napoleon. We provide repair and maintenance service for the following appliances:

Stove_repair stove repair Kitchen Appliance


There’s a lot to do in Nepean; it’s a friendly suburban area with plenty of parks, retail stores, and restaurants. But here’s something that no one wants to do: Deal with a broken stove.

A lot can go wrong with stoves, from burners not heating properly to the stove not turning on at all. We can fix your stove in no time flat. Call us today to book your appliance repair.


It’s easy to get around Nepean using OC Transpo, the bus route that serves the entire neighbourhood. What’s not so easy is trying to make dinner without a working oven.

Our appliance repair people at Napoleon will be there to answer all of your questions—and fix your oven. You can get back to baking that perfect casserole in no time.

Ovens can break in many ways, from the light no longer turning on to the oven not heating properly. That’s nothing our experienced technicians at Napoleon can’t handle. We’ve been fixing ovens for years – we can fix yours.

Male Technician Checking Oven appliance repair
Professional handyman in overalls repairing domestic dishwasher in the kitchen.


If your dishwasher isn’t working, you might be tempted to order food instead. But this is a costly solution that only works for so long. Eventually, you have to get your dishwasher fixed.

So when your dishwasher isn’t washing properly, drying properly, or locking, you’re losing valuable time you could spend enjoying Nepean. Give us a call when you need an appliance repair or maintenance service.


Residents in Nepean can enjoy the dishes at many beloved local restaurants, including Baan Thai Restaurant and La Casa Del Gusto. You need a working fridge to store all your tasty food!

If your fridge or freezer stops working, give us a call right away. With our professional repairs, we’ll fix the appliance as soon as we can, so that you can preserve your food.

testing the power and man
The young handsome repairman in worker suit with the professiona


Maybe the dryer isn’t getting hot enough; maybe it’s getting too hot. Either way, you need our appliance repair services. Call Napoleon Appliances when you require dryer repairs. We’ll fix your dryer, and save you from having to put your clothes on the line.

Washing machines

Dirty laundry will be a thing of the past when your washing machine is fixed by our professional technicians. Don’t spend time trying to find a laundromat. Give us a call when you need reliable repairs. We’ll get your washing machine fixed, so you can spend time doing what matters to you.

Washing machine troubleshooting

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Looking for appliance repair and maintenance service in Ottawa? With same-day repair, you can trust Napoleon Appliance Repair for appliance repair in Nepean or the surrounding areas. We’ll have your appliances fixed up in no time. Give us a call today!

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