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Effective Washing Machines Maintenance Tips


Our Appliance Repair Service Advice for Prolonging Washing Machine Lifespan

The service life of the washing machine depends not only on the brands but also on the correctness and regularity of the washer maintenance. If you neglect prevention, you have to contact the washer machine repair service soon.

Our appliance repair company suggests using the following recommendations for caring for your washing machine:

  • Check the pockets; any small element can lead to clogging of the machine or deformation of the drum.
  • Do not make washing machine overload, this may lead to failure of the washing machine bearings, washer shock absorbers, or hatch seals.
  • After washing, the door should remain slightly open, this improves air circulation.
  • Rinse the dispenser for laundry detergent and conditioner regularly.
  • Clean the fill filter periodically.
  • Do not forget to check the drain pump filter and remove dirt from it.
  • Wipe the outside of the washing machine with a damp cloth.

Do some actions seem difficult? Here are our professional

tips on how to maintain your washing machine easily.

Dispenser for laundry detergent

One of the dirtiest elements of the washing machine is the powder laundry dispenser. To clean it you should:

  • carefully pull out the dispenser by pressing the plastic lock in the center of the dispenser;
  • wash all its surfaces with warm water and detergent diluted in it;
  • if there are hardened residues of detergent components in corners or other hard-to-reach places, remove them with a brush.

It is recommended to wash the detergent dispenser every 2 months.

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Washing machine drum maintenance

Caring for an automatic washing machine necessarily includes preventive maintenance of the drum surfaces. First of all, you need to regularly inspect its openings, into which small objects that have penetrated the drum along with clothes can get into.

Washing machine rubber seal maintenance

The washer rubber seal also requires regular maintenance. The most unexpected things accumulate in its folds: hair, wool residues, and natural moisture. This creates favorable conditions for the emergence and intensive development of fungal bacteria and the appearance of unpleasant odors. Therefore, you need to wipe the cuff after completing each wash.

Washer drain filter

First of all, you need to clean the drain filter regularly. If you take care of your washing machine and prevent the filter from filling with dirt, the service life of the drain pump will increase significantly.

Following these simple recommendations will help you not think about how to fix the washing machine for a long time. And our company is always ready to help if you need washing machine repair or a preventative visit.

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