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The song “Home on the Range” might not have been written about stovetop ranges – but it might as well have been. There’s nothing that feels more like home than a meal you’ve cooked on your stovetop.

If your stove doesn’t feel like home – because it’s not turning on, it’s not maintaining its heat, or because of any other issues – call Napoleon Appliances. We offer stove repair in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Olivia Ribok
Olivia Ribok
Napoleon appliances did an amazing job fixing my fridge. The owner was very efficient, polite, and knowledgeable. He explained all the work he completed and offered me the best and reasonable price. I am very happy with the services provided by napoleon appliances and I will definitely be referring my friends/family to this company!!
Sharon Liang
Sharon Liang
My 9 y.o. samsung fridge was broken. I called the company, and Eugene to diagnose, free of charge, 1 hour later. Eugene was able to diagnose the issue promptly and told me it's not worth fixing the compressor as the Samsung compressor is not reliable especially since I don't have the warranty and it's expensive to fix. I appreciate his honest professional suggestion.
vlad sinitsky
vlad sinitsky
Excellent service and reasonable prices !!!
Roger Wray
Roger Wray
My 20 year old fridge broke down on a Saturday afternoon - Euguenie was able to assess it the next morning, ordered a part from Toronto, and had it up and running by Wednesday morning. He was very pleasant and conscientious, and I would definitely use his services again. The cost was more than reasonable.
Mazahir Bhagat
Mazahir Bhagat
On time, professional and reasonable. Overall, it was a great experience!
Sabrina C
Sabrina C
Eugueni was quick and efficient. Arrived on time and got the job done! He even vacuumed the carpet afterward to clean up the lint that had fallen from the dryer. Great service. Would recommend!
Katéri Anowara
Katéri Anowara
Eugeuni was friendly, professional and doubled checked everything to make sure there was no leak. He left the area clean and his price was reasonable. I strongly recommend it. Thank you!!

Common stove issues

Start by making sure the stove is plugged in, and that the breakers for the stove are on. Try unplugging the stove, plugging it back in, then flipping the breaker off then on again.

If that doesn’t work, there can be a whole bunch of different problems – and they differ depending on what type of stove you have. If only one element won’t turn on, it could be disconnected, or you could have a broken knob. If nothing will turn on (including the indicator lights), you could have a problem with the control board. Give Napoleon Appliances a call – we’ll find and fix the problem, and get your stovetop working again, fast.

If indicator lights aren’t coming on, then check the “Stove won’t turn on” troubleshooting tips.

The cause of burners not heating will differ depending on what kind of stove you have. In gas stoves*, it could be a problem with the supply of gas to the burners, or a problem with the ignition. With electric stoves, it could be that the coil is poorly connected or broken. For induction elements, it could be that the pan or pot you’re using isn’t induction compatible.

When your burner won’t heat up, we can help. Give us a call and we’ll get you cooking again in no time.

With gas stoves*, a burner might not maintain its temperature if the burner openings are clogged with debris. This can be solved by thoroughly cleaning your stovetop.

Inconsistencies in electric stovetops can be caused by faulty burner control switches. 

In either case, the problem could be with the burner itself.

There are other potential causes of inconsistent temperatures, too. These problems should be left to the professionals, like the expert technicians at Napoleon Appliances. We’ll fix your stovetop.

This problem only occurs in gas stoves*. As a precaution, see if you can smell gas when the stove is off. If you can, shut off the gas, leave your home and call your utility to report a suspected gas leak.

In most cases, continuous clicking is caused by the ignition mechanism. There could be food blocking the igniter, and the burner cap may be out of place. These are problems you may be able to fix yourself.

If those tips don’t do the trick, give us a call. There’s probably a faulty part in the ignition mechanism – we can replace any faulty components and fix the problem.

In cases where the light won’t turn on, it’s possible the bulb has burned out. We can replace the bulb for you.

When the light won’t turn off, be very careful – it’s possible the element is still on. There could also be a wide variety of different problems with the internal components that control the lights. Give us a call – we’ll fix the problem.

There are a number of problems that can cause your stovetop to spark – and they’re all worth fixing. Frayed insulation, broken wires, and damaged coils can all be culprits. No matter the cause, you can count on Napoleon Appliances to stop your stovetop from sparking and fix the underlying problem.

*Napoleon Appliances only services electric stoves.

Popular stove brands

We’re proud to service stoves of all major makes and models. Our experienced technicians have repaired a lot of stoves, so we can even fix some of the more obscure models on the market – we’ve got the parts and tools you need. Check out the list of brands we repair below. Don’t see your stove listed? Call us – we can help.

LG Appliance
General Electric Appliance
maytag Maytag Appliance Repair
kitchen-aid KitchenAid Appliance Repair
electrolux appliance reapir

And more!


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With over 20 years of experience serving Ottawa and the surrounding area, you can count on us to fix your stove.

Our professional technicians are ready to handle any problems your stove might encounter. Here are some of the reasons you should consider choosing us:



Napoleon Appliances Ottawa, dedicated to providing honest appliance repair services. We take pride in offering our customers transparent & fair assessments for all their major home appliances which include refrigerators, washers & dryers, stoves, ovens and dishwashers. With us, you can rest assured that you will always be provided with cost effective solutions that best suit your needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with the professional advise they need, to help them make the best choice when it comes time to decide whether to fix an appliance or replace it with a new one.



A team of highly qualified technicians came together to establish a name synonymous with INTEGRITY. Appliance repair is our passion, and our vision is to convey we’re worthy to be in your home.



Napoleon Appliances will never make repairs using old, outdated parts. Our team will only purchase materials of the highest quality, so we can maintain the integrity of your appliance.



Honest pricing is our priority. With us, you never have to worry about hidden fees or other built-in costs. You’ll always know how much to expect for labour, even before the job is complete.

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