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Appliance Repair Ottawa

At Napoleon Appliance Repairs, we offer expert household appliance repair services in Ottawa and throughout surrounding areas!


Refrigerator Repairs

We understand how difficult it can be to live without a refrigerator so we provide quick and efficient appliance repairs with minimal interruption to your daily routine. If the appliance repair takes longer or requires a new part to be ordered, we do our best to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Dishwasher Repairs

Our team offers comprehensive dishwasher repair and installation services for homeowners and residents in the Ottawa area.


Washer Repairs

Our appliance repair technicians can identify, diagnose, and repair a wide variety of washing machine issues. If an appliance repair would be more expensive than a replacement, our technicians can also recommend replacement washing machines suitable for your situation.


Oven Repairs

Our team of appliance repair technicians are fully trained on how to diagnose issues and repair a variety of ovens, including electric models, conduction & convection cooking methods, roasting ovens, self-cleaning designs, and microwaves.


Dryer Repairs

We offer years of experience solving all kinds of issues with dryers. Whether your dryer won’t heat up, tumble, or start, our appliance repair technicians can help with minimal interruption to your daily routine.


Stove Repairs

When your stove or cooktop isn’t working properly, you can count on us to provide quality and affordable appliance repair. We provide services for electric appliances only,

Offering Appliance Repair in Ottawa

Ottawa is one incredible place to live! We’re the centre of the National Capital Region, and the political centre of the country. From appreciating our National Museums to enjoying the Rideau Canal, life in our nation’s capital can be a blissful experience.

But there’s nothing blissful about broken household appliances.

It’s hard to use a clothesline to dry your clothes when it’s -15 outside. And as good as our city’s restaurants are, there’s only so long you can live without kitchen appliances.

Never fear – Napoleon Appliance Repairs in Ottawa is here. With our same day service we’ll get your appliances fixed in no time flat, so you can get back to enjoying our city.

Professional appliance repair services in Ottawa we offer

It would be easier to list the major household appliances we don’t fix – because that list would be empty! 

We fix absolutely everything, including older models and less popular brands. Have a broken appliance? No problem! If you’ve got an appliance you need fixed or maintained, you can rely on the friendly expertise of our appliance repair technicians, no matter how big or small the problem is.

Ottawa appliance repair services overview

Whether you cook gourmet meals regularly or you just use your stove for a trusty pot of Kraft Dinner when the craving strikes, your stove is an essential part of your home. A stove that’s broken means more eating out, and less money in your pocket.

Before you call us for stove repair, unplug your stove, then plug it back in. Check the breaker to see if anything has flipped off. If that doesn’t solve the problem, give us a call for appliance repair.

Common Stove Problems

  • The stove won’t turn on
  • The burner won’t heat
  • The burner won’t maintain its temperature
  • The stove is clicking
  • The indicator lights are broken (won’t turn off or come on)
  • The stovetop is sparking

The source of these problems can differ depending on the type of stove you have. No matter what the problem is, our appliance repair team will fix it! 


If time is money, then all the time you spend washing dishes by hand is money down the drain. Tired of pruney fingers and sore arms? Stop washing your dishes by hand – call us to repair your dishwasher!

Common Dishwasher Problems

  • Dishwasher won’t start
  • Dishwasher is vibrating
  • Dishwasher is leaking
  • Dishes come out dirty
  • Dishes come out wet
  • Dishwasher makes weird noises

Before you call us for dishwasher repair, make sure you’re using the right detergent for your dishwasher – that can fix a lot of problems! If you’re sure you are, and your dishes are still coming out dirty, or you’re experiencing any other problems with your dishwasher, call Napoleon Appliance repair Ottawa.

fridge repair in ottawa

Back in the day, we used to wash clothes by hand – and the time we save with washers has truly given rise to better lives for all of us. Major household Appliances are at their best when they give us more free time to focus on what we’re passionate about.

Luckily for us, we’re passionate about appliance repair. When your washer isn’t working, don’t start washing by hand or spending hours at the laundromat. Call us for an appliance repair. We’ll get it fixed.

Common Washer Problems

  • The washer won’t start
  • The washer is vibrating
  • The washer stops mid-cycle
  • The washer won’t drain
  • The water level in the washer is low
  • The washer is leaking

These problems are annoying (and can wear away your washer’s lifespan), at best, and they’ll stop you from doing laundry altogether, at worst. Don’t worry – the friendly pros at Napoleon can fix your washer. Even old models often have years of life left in them after an appliance repair!


Call Us Today!

No matter what appliance you need repaired, if you live or work in Ottawa and the surrounding area, and need same day service, we can probably help. We provide same day service for appliance repair – call Napoleon Appliances today!

Eugeuni was fast efficient and helpful with my dryer problems. He is very patiently to explain everything what is happening. The price was exactly what was quoted. I am happy with his service.
Domenic Petrella
Domenic Petrella
Had a great experience from start to finish. Scheduled appointment was on time and Eugeuni was professional and courteous and took the time to repair our dryer. Went above and beyond our expectations. Would definitely recommended this company and Eugeuni for any repair.
Rebecca Eix
Rebecca Eix
Sergei came to repair our Frigidaire Professional fridge. Our evaporator fan died and Sergei was able to order the part and fix the problem within 48 hours. Thank you so much for the prompt and professional service.
We had an issue with our washer. Sergey and his colleague managed to fix it in a timely manner. They are professional and we are completely happy with their service.
Nelson Mendez
Nelson Mendez
I really appreciate the quick service Napoleon appliances offered me to repair my fridge. Eugeni came at the requested time and repaired my fridge without no problem. He helped us save hundreds of $$$ because we were about to buy a new fridge.
Jaclyn Epel
Jaclyn Epel
I can with 100% certainty say that this is one of the best appliance repair services in Ottawa. Evgueni was extremely kind, professional and did his job perfectly. I was having issues with my refrigerator as it kept turning on and off. I called to schedule a look at my fridge and the next day he was already at my door. He explained everything thoroughly and gave a detailed run down about everything he was doing and why. The price was extremely reasonable and he ensured that if I was still having issues after his visit, he would return no questions asked. He was very pleasing to speak too and this will be the only appliance company I will rely on from now on! Amazing service and even better people!
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
With our 10-year-old (and very expensive when we bought it) Dishwasher suddenly down for the count and unable to get our usual service repair company over to look at it, we were just about to go off to purchase a new one of similar quality, when we decided at the last minute to call Napoleon, a company we'd not used before. What a great experience with them on what turned out to be a not-too easy job to get old faithful working once again. Within three hours of our calling for help, the delightfully pleasant and professional technician (Sergi) was on scene and had diagnosed the problem, given us an acceptable quote and said he'd strive to get the replacement part fast. The very next day (a Saturday) he was back again and he worked like a proverbial beaver to accomplish the major repair (circulation pump replacement). Unfortunately, the brittle old drain hose cracked while making that repair. Undeterred (but disappointed) he again promised to find the (scarce) part. Within just a few days he was back with his (equally nice) boss in tow to get our Dishwasher operating. Overall, while not without hic-ups, this was a pleasing process and although not inexpensive, far less of a headache trying to find and buy and have installed a new appliance. Highly recommended in all respects !
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Great service and very reasonable price. Fixed our dishwasher quickly and was very professional. I would recommend to anyone in the Ottawa area for appliance repair. Thanks!
JM Gagne
JM Gagne
Quick same day service. Super friendly and knows his stuff. Highly recommend.
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