Thermador Appliance Repair

When it’s time to remodel your home, you might start in the kitchen. After all, it’s a room we use every day to cook meals, clean dishes, and store food. Our appliances do the heavy-lifting when it comes to household chores. But if they break down, you’ll be left with piles of work and no way to speed up the process.

Our Thermador appliance repairs will help you get back to enjoying your life. We’ll arrive the same day you call us to resolve your appliance issues. When you need appliance repairs in Ottawa, give Napoleon Appliances a call!

Introduction to Thermador Appliances

You can trust in the quality and performance of a Thermador appliance. These smart kitchen appliances handle cooking, cooking, and dish care like no other. Featuring vibrant touch displays and sleek metallic designs, Thermador appliances set the industry standard. They’ve revolutionized the ways we use household appliances, from stoves to dishwashers.

Given the complex technology used in Thermador appliances, repairing them can be tricky. With our help, your appliance woes will be a thing of the past.

Thermador Appliances We Repair

Without your most-used appliances, your kitchen will fall into disarray. Dirty dishes will pile up, food will spoil, and you’ll have no choice but to get takeout every night. It’s not a sustainable way to live.

Broken appliances are a great inconvenience. We offer Thermador appliance repair to restore order to your household. Our professional technicians service the following appliances:


Your top-of-the-line Thermador fridge offers everything you need in terms of food storage. Keep your food and drinks fresh with a Thermador refrigerator.

Need a Thermador fridge repair? We’ll keep your fridge running to protect your leftovers, fresh product, and meats and cheeses. Get in touch with Napoleon Appliances today!


Can you imagine your daily life without your stove? It’s an appliance you use almost every day, whether boiling water for pasta or cooking meat for dinner. We know how important your kitchen stove is for your lifestyle. That’s why we offer fast and reliable repair services. If you need a Thermador stove repair, we can help.


Delicious casseroles. Baked potatoes. Mouth-watering muffins. You can create all kinds of culinary delights using your Thermador oven. But what happens when your oven isn’t working properly? Your birthday cake will cook unevenly—or worse, not at all. You need our technicians to repair issues like these.


Ever come home to a sink full of dirty dishes? The only thing worse than doing an hour of dishes is finding out that your dishwasher is broken. Now, cleaning the kitchen will take even more time.

Need a Thermador dishwasher repair? We can also help with your Thermador dishwasher installation; just give us a call!

Common Thermador Fault Codes

Are you seeing an error code on the display of your Thermador appliance? Appliance repairs are notoriously complicated. Here’s what those fault codes mean:

  • F0- Electronic oven control fault
  • F1- Electronic oven control fault
  • F2- Oven temperature too hot
  • F3- Open oven temperature sensor (RTD)
  • F4- Shorted oven temperature sensor (RTD)
  • F7- Function key stuck
  • F8- Internal logic fault
  • F9- Internal logic fault
  • Fd- “Bake” and “Broil” relay drives are acting simultaneously

If you see any of these error codes on your appliance, it’s a surefire sign that you need a Thermador appliance repair. Give us a call!

Why Choose Napoleon Appliances?

We have the training and experience to repair major models and makes of Thermador appliances. Whether you need significant or minor repairs,
we’re equipped to handle any task.

Our technicians perform repairs on Thermador dishwashers, fridges, and more. You can trust our experienced technicians to resolve your Thermador appliance problems.
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