LG Appliance Repair


With the latest appliances, we can complete tasks more efficiently than ever. You use your LG washing machine to wash clothes swiftly and thoroughly. You rely on your LG dishwasher to make quick work of the dishes. Your LG fridge is the perfect place to store all your fresh produce. Without these essential appliances, how would you keep on top of your daily chores?

Looking for Ottawa appliance repair? We’ve got you covered. When you need appliance repair in Ottawa, we’re here for you. Our professional technicians fix appliances with quality repairs and outstanding customer service.

Introduction to LG Appliances

Modern. Contemporary. Authentic. These core values guide the design choices in each LG appliance. If you’re looking for reliable appliances, LG is the way to go.

LG stands for “Life’s Good”. An LG appliance is designed to meet the demands of your household to create a happier, better life. From your dryer to your stove, you rely on your appliances to keep everything running smoothly.

LG Appliances We Repair

Our experienced technicians can resolve all sorts of issues with your appliances. We carry replacement parts for a variety of appliances, from LG fridges to dryers.

At Napoleon Appliances, we offer our LG appliance repair service for the following:


Can you imagine your life without your fridge? It’s where you store all your favourite foods. Without it, you can’t plan for future meals or store leftovers. If you have a broken fridge, you may end up wasting food, which is costly and unsustainable.

Are you in need of an LG fridge repair? We’re here to help! Our repair services in Ottawa are the best.


Every day, you use your LG stove for cooking different types of meals. Maybe you’re the kind of person who prepares a meal plan for each week. But even so, your schedule will be sidelined if your LG stove breaks down.

If that happens, you’ll need an LG stove repair. Give us a call!


Maybe your oven light won’t turn on, the door won’t lock, or it won’t heat up properly. We offer LG oven repair to get your most important kitchen appliance back in working order.


If you’ve got a growing family, keeping up on laundry is no easy task. Each week, you use your LG washer to run cycle after cycle of clothes. You need your washing machine to keep your clothes clean and your bedsheets fresh. Without it, you’ll end up with stained clothes and musty sheets.

At Napoleon Appliances, we’re here whenever you need an LG washer repair.


Your brand new LG dryer works like a dream. Your clothes dry faster than ever before, and they come out wrinkle-free. But eventually, even a new dryer will run into problems. That’s what our LG dryer repair services are for. When you need appliance repair services, we’ve got your back.


An LG freezer is the perfect solution for long-term food storage. But if your freezer can’t maintain your desired temperature, it may cause your food to spoil. Preserve your food and protect your appliance with our Ottawa repair services.


When you use your LG dishwasher, you can eliminate any trace of grease from your plates and utensils; they’ll shine as if they’re brand new. But over time, you may face dishwasher issues that hinder the performance of your appliance. Our LG dishwasher repair services are just what you need.

Why Choose Napoleon Appliances?

When you call a repair service, you expect a quick response and speedy repairs. We’re proud to offer same-day service. With years of experience and training, our qualified technicians will get the job done ASAP.

Call for LG Appliance Repair!

At Napoleon Appliances, we offer appliance repairs for all your household essentials, from your oven to your stove. Our service areas include Ottawa and the surrounding area.

You can rely on our LG appliance repair service. To request a repair, contact us today!
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