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Why choose Napoleon Appliances in Carleton Place?

High-quality appliance repair – guaranteed

The experienced technicians at Napoleon are dedicated to providing high-quality appliance repair in Carleton Place. Quality means:

We only use new parts for all of our repairs.
Our skilled technicians have experience with repairing all major brands and all types of appliances.
We’ll troubleshoot your entire appliance, find the source of your problem, and fix it quickly and efficiently.

And when you choose Napoleon Appliance Repair in Carleton Place, you can count on our customer satisfaction guarantee. You’ll get an honest quote, with all of the parts and labour accounted for. You’ll also get expert, customer-oriented care – we’ll fix your appliance and answer any questions you may have. We strive to have a name synonymous with integrity – you can trust us to get the job done properly.

Customer Satisfaction

Same-day service

Some things just can’t wait. When your fridge stops working, you need to act fast or you risk losing hundreds of dollars of groceries.

Other things, you’d rather not wait for. Like when your washing machine stops working and you’re forced to wash dishes by hand, or when your dryer won’t stop making loud thumping noises and laundry day is coming up.

Whatever your reasons for needing appliance repair, we offer same-day service in Carleton Place. Give us a call – we’ll get your appliances fixed.

Appliance repair professionals

Our technicians repair all types of appliances. No matter which of your Bayshore appliances need to be fixed, you can count on Napoleon. 

Stove_repair stove repair Kitchen Appliance


There are some pretty great restaurants in Carleton Place. The Good Food Company, Black Tartan Kitchen – the list goes on. With all that delicious food, it can be tempting to let your stove stay broken and just eat out every day – unfortunately, that gets pretty expensive.

Stoves can have plenty of problems. The burners don’t heat up properly, the indicator lights won’t turn on or off; the stove itself might not turn on at all! When your stove isn’t working, it can be dangerous – you might not know when the element is on. It’s also a real annoyance – you can’t cook a fancy meal or a midnight snack.

Call us. We’ll fix your stove.


Ovens are a central part of any kitchen. From the smell of baked goods wafting through your house to roasted meat dishes, there’s a lot you wouldn’t be able to enjoy without your oven. Even something as simple as cooking a frozen pizza becomes a lot more difficult without one.

Whether your oven isn’t turning on or simply isn’t heating things right, we can get it fixed. We know it would be fun to enjoy baked goods from The Good Food Company every day, but when we fix your oven, you’ll be able to enjoy your own baked goods, too.

Male Technician Checking Oven appliance repair
Professional handyman in overalls repairing domestic dishwasher in the kitchen.


Washing and drying dishes by hand is incredibly time-consuming compared to just loading them into the dishwasher. What’s more, your dishwasher will probably do a better job washing and drying them.

That means when your dishwasher isn’t working – whether it’s rocking too much, not washing properly, not locking, or experiencing any other problems – you’re losing valuable time.

Call us. We’ll get your dishwasher fixed.


Your fridge and freezer might be holding hundreds of dollars worth of food. When they stop working, it’s an emergency – and emergencies like that are one of the reasons that we offer same-day appliance repair in Carleton Place.

A lot can go wrong with a fridge, from the light not turning on to something as serious as a refrigerant leak. Whatever is causing your fridge to malfunction, you can trust us to fix the problem.

testing the power and man
The young handsome repairman in worker suit with the professiona


There’s a good reason no one dries their clothes on a clothesline anymore. It takes a whole lot longer than throwing your clothes in the dryer. Plus, who has the room to put up a clothesline in their house? And in -20° weather, putting one up outside is even worse.

Whether your dryer isn’t finishing its cycle or isn’t drying at all, give us a call. We’ll get it fixed.

Washing machines

Washing clothes by hand is incredibly time-consuming – it will take you hours to wash what your machine could do in minutes. And it only takes seconds to load your machine and start it. Think of all the time you’ll waste doing it by hand – or even going to the laundromat.

Save yourself the time and energy. We’ll fix your broken washing machine.


There’s a lot to like about living in Carleton Place. You’re close to the beautiful Mississippi River, making it easy to enjoy scenic walks or bike rides along the water. The local shops and restaurants add to the charm, offering a great mix of convenience and community spirit.

But when your appliances break down, don’t be too quick to rush out and buy a replacement. Call Napoleon Appliances instead – we’ll fix your broken appliance for a lot less than what it would cost to get it replaced.

Get your appliances fixed today – you’ll have more time to enjoy all the beautiful trails and wonderful spots in Carleton Place. Give us a call.

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