Kenmore Appliance Repair


Every day, we rely on our household appliances to take care of our basic needs. From washing our dishes to cleaning our clothes, our appliances keep our homes neat and tidy. Without them, you’ll fall behind on your daily chores; dishes will stack up, clothes will sit in a pile, and food will remain uncooked.

When one of your most-used appliances breaks, you can’t wait until next week—when you need a Kenmore appliance repair, you need it now! At Napoleon Appliances, we offer same-day service to serve you better.

Introduction to Kenmore Appliances

The Kenmore brand began over 100 years ago; today, they’re still offering the latest in home appliances.

For Kenmore, it’s all about cooking, cleaning, and living better. As one of the leading brands in Canada, you can trust in the quality and performance of a Kenmore appliance.

Using the Kenmore app, you can access the latest innovations in the household appliances industry, including Alexa integration. With exclusive features and bold innovations, Kenmore appliances are one of a kind.

Kenmore Appliances We Repair

Need a Kenmore appliance repair? At Napoleon Appliances, we’ll be there to fix it in no time. Our Kenmore appliance repair services are available for the following models:


Think of all the food you stuff in your fridge. On any given week, it’s stocked full of fresh produce, leftovers, meats, cheese, or plant-based alternatives. If your Kenmore fridge breaks down, all that food could go to waste.

Same-day service is crucial for a Kenmore fridge repair. Otherwise, your groceries in Ottawa could spoil within hours. Contact us ASAP!



Your stove is where you create your most decadent culinary delights. From mac and cheese to fried rice, the possibilities are endless. But if you need a Kenmore stove repair, your dinner plans might be put on hold. You need a repair service to get your stove back in working order.



You can bake all sorts of things in your Kenmore oven, including cakes, muffins, and loaves of bread. But if your oven in Ottawa needs repairs, you won’t be baking much of anything. That’s what our repair services are here for.



Each day, you fill up your dishwasher with pots, pans, and plates. It saves you the time of washing each one by hand. When your dishwasher is out of order, you realize just how much time it takes to clean a kitchen without one. You might find yourself ordering takeout in Ottawa more often just to avoid the dishes!

Does your Kenmore dishwasher need repairs? Give us a call.



It’s that time again: Laundry day. You load everything in your washer and start the cycle. But to your surprise, the machine doesn’t make a sound. What’s up?

It sounds like washer repairs are in order. If you’re looking for a reliable, fast, and affordable appliance repair service, we’re here to help.



There’s so much to see and do in Ottawa—who has the time to deal with a broken dryer? When you need a Kenmore appliance repair, you need it sooner than later. Don’t let a faulty dryer interrupt your plans. Call Napoleon to schedule your repair service!

Why Choose Napoleon Appliances

Have you ever called for Kenmore appliance repairs, only to find yourself waiting days until your appointment? In that time, you realize just how essential your appliances are.

Our customers are important to us. At Napoleon Appliances in Ottawa, we repair Kenmore appliances the same day you contact us. We arrive with all the necessary tools to repair Kenmore appliances, from washing machines to ovens.

Call for Kenmore Appliance Repair!

Are you looking for a Kenmore appliance repair service in Ottawa or the surrounding area? We’re here to help! Our professional technicians will fix up your appliance in no time. For Kenmore appliance repair in Ottawa, contact us today!

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