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What Should I Look For When Buying A Freezer?


The freezer is one of the most underrated kitchen appliances around. Shopping for a new freezer is more complicated than just choosing a model that keeps your food frozen. You have to consider the type of freezer and size you desire. Below, you’ll learn about many different freezers and their features. 

Most modern homes on the market come equipped with refrigerators that have a built-in freezer, but they don’t always provide the extra space you require. Whether you have a large family and buy food in bulk, you’re a regular angler that’s looking for a place to store their large quantity of fish, or you want to prolong the life of your fresh produce from your garden, you’re going to need the right freezer. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a freezer buying guide to help you search for the perfect freezer:

Standalone Freezers

If you’re looking for freezer space, you can’t go wrong with a standalone freezer, and there are a few options available:

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers look similar to refrigerators, but they offer much more convenience when you need extra space for your frozen goods. Buying an upright freezer won’t require much floor space, and they’re easy to move/fit into your home. 

The average upright freezer dimensions are:

  • 79 – 193 cm / 31” – 76” H
  • 51 – 84 cm / 20” – 33” W
  • 51 – 76 cm / 20” – 30” D

Most upright models come with compartment dividers to keep your foods organized. However, the only downside to an upright freezer is that it will cost you more. Upright freezers tend to be more expensive than other appliances, and they use more energy. If you’re looking for a unit that’s easy to use/install and offers ample space, the upright freezer is unmatched. 

Chest Freezers/Deep Freezers

A chest freezer, also known as a deep freezer, is a popular choice for buyers looking to be more energy conscious. Chest freezers also have a large capacity for large frozen food items. A chest/deep freezer uses less energy than upright freezers and can stay cold longer in the event of a power outage. Your food will stay frozen for 2-3 days in a chest freezer without power. 

If you want convenience, a chest freezer may not be as easy as an upright model. Let’s say that there’s a tub of ice cream or a frozen pizza at the bottom of the freezer that you’ve been craving all day. If the chest/deep freezer is full, you’ll need to dig down to get your hands on that delicious treat.

The average dimensions of a deep freezer are as follows:

  • 79 – 86 cm / 31” – 34” H
  • 53 – 213 cm / 21” – 84” W
  • 48 – 81 cm / 19” – 32” D

A chest freezer requires manual defrosting, which can be a messy experience. While defrosting might be a challenge, chest freezers are an excellent choice if you want to save money on a freezer unit and your electric bill.

Portable Freezers

A portable freezer is a smaller option that doesn’t hold as many items, but they’re cost-effective and have specific features that other basic types of freezers don’t have. 

The average size of a portable freezer is:

  • 41 – 51 cm / 16” – 20” H
  • 38 – 43 cm / 15” – 17” W
  • 69 – 84 cm / 27” – 33” D

Portable freezers allow you to transport frozen food between different destinations, making them a go-to choice if you need to take your food on the road. These freezers have the ability to stay at a constant temperature, which is why they’re the top choice for camping or long road trips. 

This unit isn’t like a cooler, so it doesn’t require any ice. All you need to do is set a specific temperature to keep your food frozen until you’ve reached your destination. 

What To Consider When Purchasing a Freezer?

It’s helpful to have an idea of what your options are when purchasing a freezer. There are some specific factors you need to think about when on the hunt. 


It’s integral to have a set budget before you purchase a freezer. While some people only think about the upfront cost of the unit, you also need to consider the long-term costs. As we mentioned, an upright model will cost more and add to your overall energy costs. Freezers with specific features, such as automatic defrost, will also be more pricey. 


Be mindful of the size of the freezer you’re going to buy. You’ll have to ensure you have enough floor space for a chest freezer or enough space in the kitchen to install an upright model. Some people prefer to keep a freezer in the garage or the basement. Take proper measurements of the locations you’re looking to place your new freezer and avoid the headache of having to make room. 

Energy Use

For freezers to function, they must be plugged in at all times and constantly running. If you’re someone that wants to decrease their energy use, you might want to pick an energy-conscious option, such as a deep freezer. 

You can look for an Energy Star qualified model to know if the freezer performs well with low-energy use. Energy Star rates freezers, and you can look up the specific model you’re considering if you want to learn more about its energy consumption. 


Manual/Automatic Defrost

Anyone that has ever owned a freezer will know that ice can build up around the edges over time. You may decide that you want a freezer that requires manual defrosting or one that comes with automatic defrost. However, automatic defrost will require more energy, which means higher energy costs. If you don’t mind ridding your freezer of ice buildup, you won’t need an automatic defroster. 

Compartment Dividers

You can purchase freezers with dividers to make it easy for frozen food organizations. Chest freezers can be unruly if you don’t have proper dividers, as everything ends up piled on top of each other. 

You can add door racks and interior shelves to an upright unit to keep things organized. The shelves and racks are also spacious enough to fit larger items, such as frozen pizzas.

Door Alarms

Ever forget to close your fridge door? It’s okay; everyone has done it. You can purchase freezer models with door alarms to alert you if you’ve left the door open for too long. This way, you don’t have to worry about your food defrosting. 

Fast Freeze

Some freezer models have a fast freeze option that can drop 10 degrees colder. The fast freeze feature is helpful when you want to freeze a large quantity of food quickly. 

Soft Freeze

The soft freeze feature keeps certain frozen foods from getting rock hard. This way, if you want to scoop yourself some ice cream, you can do it easily without having to use extra strength. There are endless options when it comes to freezers. When you purchase a new unit, you’ll want to ensure you keep it in excellent condition. However, all appliances eventually run into issues. Get the best freezer repair in Ottawa when you call Napoleon Appliances. We offer reliable repair services for freezers, fridges, ovens, washers, and more.

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